The company was founded in 2008, located in necktie industry zone , shengzhou .

New thinking, New world .Now we are develops very rapidly on the necktie , bowties , vests , and scarves each year.

We can produce all kinds of ties by handmade or Liba machine, just on your prefer .We have established good business relationship with lots of customer all over the world .

We have our own designers , we can provide new designs each season based on your market. Our products ranges from necktie fabric , neckties , bowties , scarves all in silk and polyester .Also suspenders, cummerbund, vests , tuxedo ties are more popular for customer .

Quality is the most importance of the business. To ensure the first grade quality, we have strict quality management and with our sales excellent service .Perfect Quality, Best service. Welcome friends to cooperated in the near future !



Shengzhou Jurli Apparel Co.,Ltd
Shengzhou Jurli Apparel Co.,Ltd



Shengzhou Jurli Apparel Co.,Ltd

Shengzhou Jurli Apparel Co.,Ltd located in shengzhou ,Shaoxing area, Zhejiang ,China. where is 3/4 necktie manufacturers in the world .


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